Weight loss Vs Fat loss: Men and Women

what is difference between  Weight loss Vs Fat loss

"Weight loss is one of the most searched topics in this era. Everyone is trying to lose weight. But what’s the difference between weight loss & fat loss.People get confused between these two terms I.E(fat vs weight)."

Weight loss Vs Fat loss: Men and Women

Weight loss Vs Fat loss: Men and Women

  • Now, I personally know the struggle of being fat and let me assure you i know because i was fat my whole life even still i am little fat. And like all the other people in world i thought fat loss and weight loss are were same things but Its not.

In this post i Will help you understand the difference between weight loss & fat loss, and also which one you should aim for and how to reach to your goals.

Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss. What’s the difference?

Let me clear the difference between fat loss and weight loss first.

Weight Loss.

Weight loss is the total weight of your body. I mean all bones , muscle   body fat even your hairs and nails.

Fat Loss.

Its the total amount of fat you stored in your body generally around thighs Lower back/side and stomach.

Problems with Weight Loss.

  •  Now , you see your self as big chubby guy or girl who wants to want to lose weight and look slimmer, it’s most likely because you carry too much fat.
  • Your body-weight can change drastically on daily basis since it’s influenced by your stomach/bowel/bladder content, water weight loss/retention, muscle loss/gain, fat loss/gain.

Now , 2 people with similar heights can have same weight, but look completely different because one has lower body fat percentage and other is having high body fat percentage.

The Weight Scale Can Mislead You completely. Clothes, mirrors & pictures don’t lie. Neither do fat calipers. But the weight scale can be misleading and demotivate you. Examples:

Carbs & Water.

  • Carbohydrates bind with water. So eating less carbs will surely make you lose weight and it will be mostly water weigh. you will think hey i lost so many pounds/KG's in few days. you will think hey i finally cracked the secret of fat loss, but let me assure you the weight you lost was mostly water weight and you will gain weight again when you again introduce carbs in your diet.

  • This method of eating low carbs and salts is used by film-stars to drop weight in sort period of time. you will think hey i can do that and drop my weight fast whats the problem then. Now the key phrase in this sentence in "short" they will loose weight in short amount but they will gain weight also in the short amount of time.

"This is why you lose so much body weight on the diets like Atkins in the first 2 weeks and it’s mostly water" 

Now your main focus should be fat loss and fat loss i mean inches loss not the numbers on weigh scales. I could care less if weight scale shows i am 1000 Kg as long as i look fit and in shape. You will also agree with me on this i am sure.

Now  your main focus should be on Muscle Gains & Fat Loss:-

Muscle Gains & Fat Loss. 

  • You’ll gain muscle while losing body fat when you start your strength training program. But on the weight scale it will look like you’re not making progress: your weight didn't change or may be even raised.

  • Now to give your self motivation you need to check your body fat percentage using a fat caliper and you’ll see your body fat is going down. And you just need to keep the good work For looking the best versions of your self.

Ideal body fat percentage is 10% for men and 15% for women.

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