Which is better, Working Out in the Morning or in the Evening?

Morning VS Evening

Which one will you do most consistently? That's which one is better.

Morning vs Evening
Morning vs Evening

For some people, early morning rising is natural. They can wake up, fit in a workout plan , get ready for their day, and have a productive workday in the Morning. If this is you, morning is your time!

  • Everyone has different “circadian rhythms” and lifestyle and work schedule. What’s “best” for one may not work out all for another. The important thing is doing it, not worrying about WHEN you do it.
  • Some people try to force themselves to wake early for exercise, and while they can fit in the workout, their productivity or mood (or both!) suffers in the rest of the day. These people likely are not adjusting other aspects of their life (meal times, bed time) to support their new early wake time. Unless they make these changes, they won't sustain the morning workout habit.

As for evening, some people like to use a workout as transition time between work and home life.

For others, they plan an evening workout but fail to carry it out because they lack the energy at the end of the day to make the workout happen.

Again, shifting patterns like mealtimes and being accountable to yourself for your workouts is key to making this a sustainable plan.
Being honest with yourself about when your energy levels are high and low will help you know what is right for you.

  • At my work place we have a  large, well-equipped gym, and I head over there when I get off work… I work days from 7–3. That way I still get home in time for a timely dinner with the wife.
  • I tried to work out after dinner at home….But by then I’d be waiting an hour for digestion and not feeling very perky. I get up around 5 AM… So I’m not about to get up a couple of hours earlier than that to exercise.

Everyone’s situation is a bit different.

Late afternoon or early evening. Evening workouts cause mild insomnia due to ketosis (fat burning), so to ensure highest possible sleep quality you should avoid evenings.
Mornings can be bad for the same reason: ketosis. Its not usually very noticeable but it causes the body to expell aceton through your breath, not a pleasant odor for your coworkers.
  • HOWEVER, a short light exercise before breakfast, up to 10 min at fairly low heart rate, is very beneficial. It should be so light that its better to call it an activity, but it does help set you up for the rest of the day. I didn't believe in it before i tried, i believed it was important to get calorie refill first in the morning but now i am convinced that a 7-10 minute on the spot jogging is the best start of the day. if you need coffee asap in morning then you can drink it during this activity, that way no time is wasted as well.

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