Does going to the gym at the age of 16 Yrs disrupt HEIGHT GROWTH?

Height is not affected by going to gym or lifting weight

You can workout , lift or carry weight as much as you can.

With age, some time, height decrease, but it is due to osteopenia. To prevent this, you need to take calcium and vitamin D and do a regular exercise.

You should not worry about it. Some people grow slowly & gradually ,some may pick up very fast .

Does going to the gym at the age 16 disrupt height growth?
It is right time to feel concerned about your height . Going to gym regularly helps a lot if you have strong immune system ,by caring for your life style and food habits along with regular exercises , specially,in fact , all stretching exercises , if done under proper guidance .Also walk, Yoga , Dhanurassan, Taddasan , Chakkarasn ,Bhujjangasan , ,Pranayam , Kapalbhatti ,Deep Breathing and Meditation , help to strengthen your immune system.

Include essential nutrients in your diet --FIBER RICH , LOW SALT - DIET ,fruit , veges , vitamins and minerals in natural form -, coconut water , , nuts , almonds , and supplements full of antioxidants as Lemon , Aloe vera juice + Amla butter ,milk ,cheese is very important for our sound mental and physical health and strengthen immune response naturally and help achieve your dream .

This question can be resolved as follows:

If I am correct, this question is concerned about lifting weights.

  • Lifting weight does not disrupt height growth but it can cause temporary decrease in height( of the order of few mm). Of course, considering that our height is varying through out the day, this is minimal. Many people correlate height growth disruption with weight lifting, according to me is because most of the well know heavy lifters are short.

  • But you must know that, they are great because of the advantages in lifting due to being short. This same as telling playing basket ball can increase height.

  • It is true that heavy weight lifting causes spine compression or bulging, but both these phenomenon albeit unhealthy are not correlated with height growth. But heavy can be a vague term, I am defining it as the weight at which you are not lifting in proper form, even in the first rep.

  • The other reasons like the body using it’s resources to enhance muscles when it can be used for height gaining looks to me as implausible for two reasons:
For majority of the people I know reported an appetite increase after a post lifting session.

Genetics plays a big role in growth.

  • If you are still in doubt, why take the “risk”. You might try body weight stuffs, build a good base and start lifting once you are happy with your height. 
  • There are many tutorials in the you tube that can teach you calisthenics. FYI, Jeff Seid( the one in Aditya’s answer) was an excellent wrestler and he mastered his own body weight before moving on to weights.

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