Top 10 Best Chest Exercises

"The best chest exercises ever devised"

For majority of  men, pectorals are a number one symbol of strength. The most common movement, the bench press is almost every ones favorite.
My personal favorite Bench Press is at the top always and always will be.

Top Best Chest Exercises

Here is the list of top 9 Best Chest Exercises Ever

Strength Workout

Flat Bench Press4*10, 8, 6, 4
Flat Reverse-Grip Bench Press   310, 8, 6
Bench Press Inclined 310, 8, 6
Dumbbell Fly Inclined 38-10
Dumbbell Pullover28-10
*One-warmup set not included

 Dumbbell Pullover

People usually consider this exercise as back targeting exercise rather than chest. well it does target back muscle but it also target chest muscle too.
This exercise doubles as a fine back exercise. But who have shoulder concerns, for them i would say its majorly due to lack of form rather than the exercise itself. If you lack mobility in your upper back and Delts, dumbbell pullover wont feel comfortable. this exercise is considered as best by  famous bodybuilders of all time, from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Dorian Yates. 
Targeted  Areaspectoral muscles , latissimus dorsi and serratus
Strengths: Majority of chest exercises are one of two categories: pressing a weight or doing a flye motion. The pullover is best exercise that works at a completely different angle, in a top-to-bottom movement. 
How-To: Lie on a bench with your feet flat on the floor. Hold a dumbbell extended above your face. Maintain a slight bend in your elbows, slowly lower the dumbbell in backward direction, to a point at which they align with your ears. Stretch as far as you can without bending elbows, flex through your chest and lats in reverse direction to bring the dumbbell back to starting positions.


Push-Ups is most effective in strength and toning the chest muscle  and it can be executed with or without weight any time any where. Usually in morning when i wake up i prefer to do push-ups just as warm-up exercise to keep the blood flow high.This exercise(Push ups) targets the triceps, pectoral's major, deltoids — especially the anterior portion. When properly executed, the push-up also can also be used to engage your core muscles.
Targeted  Areas: pectorals ("Note that you can change the angle: With feet and hands on the floor, it will focus on the mid-pecs; elevating your feet on a bench will focus on the upper pecs; and hands on a bench hits the lower pecs.")
Strengths: Push-ups can be done any where like in hotel rooms, parks, prison etc anywhere you have ground to work with.
How-To: In a plank position, put your feet together, toes on the floor, and your hands wider than your shoulder width and flat on the floor and your elbows extended. Keep your head stright and abs tight, lower yourself by bending your elbows and then push upwards through your palms until your arms are straight once again.

 Pec-Deck Flye

When we talk about “pec-deck flye,” we are referring to the version in which you bend your arms at a  90 degrees angle and put your elbows on pads. The other in which you hold handles and your elbows roam freely, also refered as  “machine flye”.
Main Area Targeted: pecs (middle )
Strengths: When performed correctly, with arms in contact with the pads  :- a trick is to think of pushing with elbows - the pec-deck pits your pectoral muscles directly against weight resistance while still offering a broad range of motion and  risk of injury is reduced significantly when compared with free weights.
How-To: we are referring to the version in which you bend your arms at a  90 degrees angle and put your elbows on pads. The other in which you hold handles and your elbows roam freely, also referred as  “machine flye. Squeeze a little hard, then slowly return to the start position, stop when your upper arms are even with your torso, and repeat.

 Decline Bench Press

No one who is a body builder would suggest the decline bench press is an equivalent to the incline and flat bench press.but It still targets a large portion of the pectorals, although the focus is majorly on the lower-pec muscles rather than the upper and middle regions.
Main Area Targeted: Pecs ( lower )
Strengths: The lower pec muscles are targeted to a degree by flat bench presses, but the decline bench press is a direct way to chip away at them. It’s not advised for the beginners, but if you confident and you are fine-tuning your body then it’s very helpful.
How-To: Lie flat on a decline bench press machine. Your torso should be fully supported from your head to your hips, with your knees bent and feet locked with roller pads. hold the bar with a wide grip, overhand grip. Bend your arms and then slowly lower the bar toward your lower chest muscle. When the bar touches the chest , extend your arms by a slow push, returning the bar back to the initial position.

Top  Best Chest Exercises

 Cable Crossover

Using the cables, allows for constant tension on the pec muscles. If you try and bend a little too much at the waist, you’ll can shift the focus of the exercise from the lower pec muscle  to the middle pec muscle.
Main Areas Targeted:  Pecs (Inner, Lower )
Strengths: Cables offer a great resistance, and that resistance remains consistent the entire range of motion of the flye exercise . When you try to do flyes with dumbbells, the  gravity at the top increases , meaning it gets easier at the point you want to squeeze the hardest. 
How-To: Stand in the center of a cable-cross machine with your feet wide, knees slightly bent and your upper body slightly forward bend, and hold D-handles attached to the pulleys.Try to keep your elbows up throughout the entire movement. hold a moment for a peak contraction, then slowly allow the handles to return to the starting initial position.

 Dumbbell Bench Press

Fact: You could make chest program by just using dumbbells and a bench, and build a strong, muscular chest. dumbbells offers a wide range of motion and a lot of resistance for the pec muscles, and it doesn’t let a weaker pec muscle compensate for a stronger.
Main Area Targeted: Pecs ( Middle )
Strengths: Dumbbell press gives a vital advantage: It allows for flexible  hand positions, anything from palms facing away to facing each other and any angle in between. If your wrists give you struggle on bench presses, dumbbells are your solution. 

 Incline Dumbbell Flye

Incline dumbbell fly majorly targets your upper chest muscles and proves to be best for upper pecs growth. with dumbbells you and also assure the wide angle and degree of free movement.
Main Area Targeted: Pecs ( Upper )
Strengths:  In the incline dumbbell fly, you have a wide motion that directly engages the intended muscles, and by performing this exercise on an incline bench , you’re further targeting the upper-chest muscles.
How-To: Lie on a bench setting to a 30 to 45 degree with your feet flat on the ground. Hold a dumbbell in each hand, and your arms above  chest level, maintaining a slight bend in elbows. now lower the dumbbells in a wide arc. Stop when your elbows reach shoulder level and repeat. 

 Bench Press

Bench press has been and always will the go-to chest move for decades, part of the three-pronged power-lifting pantheon alongside the squat and dead-lift. This gold-standard exercise is one of the best purest tests of strength in the weight-training war.
Main Area Targeted: pecs ( Middle )
Strengths: You’d be hard-pressed (pun intended) to find another weight-bearing movement that so efficiently includes the resistance potential and bio-mechanical benefits that the bench press delivers. 
How-To: Well if you don't know this exercise you are probably in wrong business here mate.

Mass Workout

Bench Press ( Inclined )4*8-12
Bench Press ( Dumbbell )  48-12
Bench Press (Decline )48-12
Crossover ( 
Cable )


Push-Ups4to failure
*One-warmup set not included

Strength Workout

Flat Bench Press4*10, 8, 6, 4
Flat Reverse-Grip Bench Press   310, 8, 6
Bench Press Inclined 310, 8, 6
Dumbbell Fly Inclined 38-10
Dumbbell Pullover28-10
*One-warmup set not included

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