Top 5 Bulking Exercises!

Top 5 Bulking Exercises!

"Their are various number of exercises to do in the gym to get big. Here is a list of top five exercises that will help you build muscle."

Their are various number of exercises to do in the gym to get big. Here is a list of top five exercises that will help you build muscle. However, doing only these five exercises will not help you gain muscles and its not advised to do so.

Also, don't go into the gym and repeat the same exercise every day. you need to embed these exercises in your daily schedules and be persistent.

1. Squats

I tell everybody who ask me about leg gains that if you want big legs, you have to do doesn't mater which schedule you are following you need to integrate squats.

This exercise need to be done with proper need to keep your back straight when you lift the weight and when you put it back on the rack. improper execution of this exercise can result in serious back injuries proper form is recommended every time. you can drop the weight a little so you can execute without cheating the form.

2. Barbell Squat

Now, barbell squats focus mainly on your 
quads. you can first try to execute the exercise without any weights practice sitting down normally  so you can get the proper form for the movement. To really hit your quads, go down just above parallel or equal to parallel, in order to minimize the pressure on the glutes.

3. Dead-Lifts

This exercise should be integrated with your back workout. This is an excellent exercise for  the overall strength and building muscles in the mid and lower back. Dead lift can be done anytime in your back  workout, but i recommend to do it in the end of your back workout.

Since dead lift involves a majority of your legs strength, You can do this with variety of stances, with your arms wide  or narrow .

strict form is recommended, straighten  your back, and keep it that way throughout the execution of exercise.

4. Bench Press

To most people, number one exercise for building their chest. However, most people perform this exercise with very poor form. majority of people will doing bench press in the gym specially on Mondays.majority of people are doing bench press with terrible form.

I think that majority of people think that lifting high weight means more gains but proper execution is the key if your form is wrong the the major muscle involved in executing this exercise IE bench press should be chest muscle not shoulder muscle. Now,there is a groove in the bar that you can position your hand on and push through where the weight feels a little lighter.

Rod or Bar should be at a 90 degree to your chest and you should push back using your chest muscle not 
throwing the weight up.

5. Military Press

This  exercise can be done when you work your shoulders. It is a good to have a pump before you do this exercise. I recommend to do these by pressing the weight in front of neck, not in back. That's because I feel more muscle strain in my shoulders this way. However, you can do as per your comfort.

Military press is very good for getting wide shoulders. There is also a p

roper groove in the Bar or Rod for this exercise. Basically, if you are doing neck press, you need to make sure that elbows are back during the complete set.

Your forearms should be perpendicular to the bar or Rod. Use width that is equal to your shoulder width.

Your lower back should be straight throughout the set.

Extra Exercise

Straight Leg Dead-lifts

You should embed this exercise in hamstring workout. This is a very simple exercise, but it can be injurious if you are not in proper form. Just like regular dead-lifts, you need to keep your lower back straight, chest outwards , and head tilted backward.

By doing this you can focus on your hamstrings. Personally, I try to pull my butt out as far as I can in order to get max stretch in hamstrings instead of touching my toes with the weight. you can do as it feels max affect on hamstring according to you.


By embedding these exercises in your workout and executing them with proper form, you will get good results. you can go as heavy as you can while maintaining the perfect form and you will surely get the max results from these exercises.
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