Sprint vs marathon(fatloose)?

Sprint vs marathon?

"We all want to get in shape. The fact is every new year a lot of people make the decision of getting in shape or getting fit("spring vs marathon" )"

Sprints vs marathons?
Fitness goals (sprints vs marathons)

Fitness goals (sprints vs marathons) a fat loss diet plan?

The first thing comes to mind is let me join the gym and ill get fit and start eating health like fatloss tea and search for how to lose fat from. We take the gym membership and start going to gym. But after a week or two we loos motivation and go back to our old. And all that money is wasted in gym memberships. In fact the gym or fitness industry makes the most in month of january.

Sprint vs marathon?
Sprinters body shape

So what should i do to get fit or for fatloose?

1. Well the very first thing is to get motivated and start changing the small life style change. Eat healthy and start moving a little. Instead of using car or bike to go every where we should use bicycle or just walk if destination is near by.

2. Now the best thing to get fit is running.
But we get confused in sprinting and marathon running which style is best.
Well it totally depends on you. 

3. If you just start running or jogging half the work is done. And i personally recommend  running in morning time from 04:30 am to 06:00 am.

4. Now we all want every thing fast we want to get the results at earliest. So we decide either to do long marathons or sprints.

Difference between marathon and sprint

Sprints are running at your max or at least 80% of your top speed for at least 100-200m.
And do about 15-20 sessions with the rest period of about 2-3 min .


Marathons are running at moderate or low speed for a longer distance and longer period of time.

Sprint vs marathon?
Marathon runners body shape

Now what is best for you sprint or marathon?

sprinter vs marathoner body(fatloose)

1. Sprints help you loose weight fast and help in muscle growth also. I. E all the sprinters have sharp and more defined muscles that marathon runners.

2. Marathons will also help you loos fat but you loose muscle tissue also because when your body gets depleted of glucose stored in blood steam it starts breaking down the muscle to create energy required for running for longer distance. I e why all marathon runners look so skinny. fatloose

So you decide what type of body shape of requirement you have. 

All the best!

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