Get Ripped in 4 weeks without Equipment at home

Best workout schedule for getting RIPPED and Lean Fast

Getting RIPPED and getting big are different things.getting ripped is to have low body fat level from 6-7% of total body weight .now people are more attracted towards having a ripped body .

Steps to get Ripped at home without Equipment Fast :

Black Coffee
Black Coffee

Now You need to follow some strict Plans to get to your goals

Step 1: 

Avoid food with high fat content and high carbs. Most people think all type of carbs are bad but it is not true .complex carbs. like brown bread ,brown rice ,etc are good for body and they make you feel full for long and to save you from cravings .

Step 2:

Your diet plan plays a major role in getting ripped about 40% of work is done in kitchen only. So without a healthy diet you cant hit your goal.

step 3:

Follow a workout schedule as follows

  1.  Chest /triceps
  2.  Back /biceps
  3.  Legs/shoulder

Try to hit this schedule 6 days a week and to lift moderate weight with high no. of raps

Be realistic - but don't lose motivation and sight of your goals, and you'll get there eventually. Set your goals small and work toward your goal!

BLACK Coffee:-

Having black coffee before the workout can affect your fat loss rate .coffee contains antioxidants which help burning stored fat


Regular cardio exercises are must cardio like bicycle, Running, Jogging, Stepping are good.But best is to have HIIT(high intensity interval training).

Cardio dumbbell bell

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