How to loose weight in 10 Days at Home

How to loose weight in 10 Days At Home

Is really possible to loose weight so fast?

We can loose easily following a simple low Carbohydrates diet, drink lot of water. But weight lost will be water weight only.
  • Drink water frequently

What is water weight?
Our body tends to retain water so that it can use it in near time when we for get to drink or its unavailable. If we keep drinking 1-2 glass of water every 2 hour then we train our body not to store water and thus our body looses all the stored water.
Eating food high with salt tends to increase the water storage in our body usually in lower belly and cheeks. If you are having fluffy cheeks try drinking water more frequently and avoid any salt it should help you get the chiseled look you wanted for your whole life.
So question remains can we loose weight in 10 Days?
Correct answer will be no you may loose a pound or two but it will be temporary. To loose weight permanently you need to be persistent and motivated.

"Motivation and dedication is the key"

  1. If takes 4 weeks for you to feel any difference.
  2. It takes up to 8 weeks to see the change for people you don't see on daily basis.
  3. it takes up to 12 weeks for your family and friends to notice the change

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